About Us

On June 3rd, 1992 the first location of Precious Pharmacy was commissioned in Adatan, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The project was borne from a passion to lift the burden of health challenges off the people of our community by offering quality drug information, counselling services and facilitating referrals to major health institutions for further care.

Despite all the risks involved with starting a new business, we sought out to differentiate ourselves through unparalleled devotion to our clients and their health needs. The impact of our services in the community far exceeded what we dreamed of when we started. The generous support received from our partners and clients gave us the motivation to grow and expand to new locations and serve more people and communities.

We have strong partnerships with both local and international reputable pharmaceutical companies and stakeholders in the healthcare sector to ensure that we continue to deliver quality services at affordable prices. We have expanded our services and now offer point-of-care testing for Diabetes, Hypertension, Malaria, Fertility concerns and other ailments of Public Health concerns. In addition to pharmaceuticals products we now provide Home care products for the elderly, Pregnant and Nursing mothers, household items, personal care, fashion, skin care, beauty, baby & child and Home health safety products. We are your one stop shop for your everyday needs!

Our unwavering commitment to put our customers first and focus on bringing value to our customers and communities drive our actions every day.

“PRECIOUS” was coined from “WURA” – of the same meaning in Yoruba Language. The meaning informs our perspective as an organization on the importance of health and the role good health plays in our lives, community and nation.